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Activ Storage Equipment is Sydney’s leading warehouse storage supplier.

The team at Activ Storage Equipment can help with all of your warehouse storage needs, offering new and secondhand pallet racking, steel shelving and raised storage areas.

From concept development and design, through to supply, installation and ongoing service requirements, our team are committed to providing practical and economical warehouse storage solutions for our customers.

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  • Warehouse relocations and rack buy-backs

Our racking installation team has over 20 years of experience in all facets of warehouse storage equipment.

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Warehouse Storage Systems

A-Frame rack Sydney - Activ Storage Equipment

  A-Frame Racking

 Custom A-Frame Racking solutions.
 Ideal for timber, aluminimum and pipes.

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Cantilever racking Sydney - Activ Storage Equipment


Cantilever Racking 

 Cantilever racking allows you to store
 irregularly shaped or lengthy products.
 Allows or quick and easy stock replacement.

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Drive-in rack Sydney - new & used


Drive-In Racking

 Drive-in racking provides bulk storage of materials.
 Access stock easily via forklift. We build the best
 drive-in rack solutions for Sydney customers.

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Steel shelving Sydney - new & quality used - Active Storage Equipment


Steel Shelving

Offering the best new & quality used steel shelving 
in Sydney. Ideal for small parts storage, steel shelving
is a simple cost effective storage solution. 

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Selective racking Sydney - Active Storage Equipment

  Selective Racking

 Selective racking is the most common form
 of steel warehouse shelving. Ideal for utilising the full
 height and storage capacity of your warehouse. 

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Longspan steel shelving and rack

  Longspan Rack & Shelving 

 Longspan shelving and rack is ideal for small to
 medium product storage and stock-picking. 

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Quality Macrack Supplier

About Macrack

Activ Storage Equipment is a proud NSW supplier of  Macrack  pallet racking and steel storage systems, an Australian made and manufactured product from Queensland.

Designed and engineered to suit all Australian codes and standards, Macrack systems are both economical and of the highest quality.

Don’t compromise your stock or warehouse safety with inferior foreign substitutes.

Enjoy the peace of mind of a full life time warranty that conforms to AS4084-2012.


Second Hand Racking

Looking for an alternative to new racking systems but don’t want to compromise on quality or safety?

Activ Storage also has a large range of second hand pallet racking and steel shelving. All brands and makes available.

Whether your storage needs are large or small, our team can help to tailor a solution for you.




Warehouse relocations don’t have to be a nightmare!

Activ Storage Equipment can assist in the planning and execution of your warehouse relocation.

Our team can help with:
• Dismantling existing racking/storage
• Designing and planning storage systems at the new premises
• Re-erecting and installing racking in the new premises 

To learn how you could relocate with speed and efficiency, contact our team today.



Do you have excess steel shelving or racking that you’re interested in selling?

Activ Storage Equipment is always buying racking components of all sizes and brands.

We offer competitive prices!

Contact us today for an offer 


Maximise your warehouse space and productivity today!